COVID Trauma

In a therapeutic sense, I have been working with the Ergos Institute to gain further knowledge on how to treat people with COVID-related traumas including trauma from the use of a ventilator. I was moved by the stories of health care workers who were encountering COVID trauma on a daily basis. The images of mask marks imprinted on their faces, describing the number of precautions and the time it took to safely enter a room to provide care, and the shared fears they had with their patients moved me as a therapist to take time to study how I can help these individuals now and after the pandemic ends. 

Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted our lives in a number of ways. For instance: 

  • Students who lacked closure because they could not graduate with peers in person, finish schooling, or participate in rites of passage.
  • Family who could not be with loved ones when they were ill.
  • Medical personnel who had to bear witness to incredible suffering, and maybe felt helpless at times. They may have operated from a “functional free” where they went through all the motions of providing the best patient care, but on some level had to disconnect. 
  • People on ventilators and literally had to have a machine breathe for them. Ventilator trauma results from needing a machine to literally breathe for us in or order for us to live. Although we are so fortunate to have this medical resource available, it does cause trauma to the body and mind. It is traumatic to consider how close to the edge of life we came. 

My Commitment

I know COVID-19 trauma will require special knowledge and care which is why I am committed to continuing to educate myself and share resources so I can treat clients in Ohio, and provide knowledge to individuals who come to my site looking for trusted information. 

For a list of COVID-19 resources, please click here. 

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